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NCARF is additionally committed to providing your organization the training it needs to stay informed and be on the cutting edge with best practices.  We are here to support your organization with like-minded professionals who offer a wealth of knowledge from years of dedication and service in the field.  The networking and information sharing that is available to you as part of your NCARF membership is truly invaluable.

The DVR/CRP Steering Committee

Statewide Employment First Steering Committee

Smokey Mountain Center Provide Network Council

CenterPoint Human Service Provider Council

Alliance Provider Advisory Council

Crisis Solutions Coalition

Provider Monitoring/Provider Relations Workgroup

Medicaid Long Term Support Services Workgroup

Provider/LME Leadership Forum

NC State Rehab Council


HCBS Stakeholder Committee

DD Consortium

Statewide IDD Stakeholder Workgroup

NCARF continues to be recognized at the State level for being an association that represents quality providers who provide quality services.  As we all well know, there is strength in numbers, and NCARF is here to represent you.  As a member of NCARF you have a voice in Raleigh not only through our lobbyist but also through NCARF's leadership and members that serve on regional and statewide committees such as:

NCARF's Board of Directors and committee members are busy working to keep members informed and making sure their voices are heard at the local, state, and Federal levels.  

NCARF is a professional organization dedicated to assisting its member organizations in the provision of services to individuals with disabilities.  NCARF is composed of members representing North Carolina's community rehabilitation providers, Innovations Waiver providers, Supported Employment Vendors and Residential Programs.  NCARF's vision is to be the unified voice of quality providers that affect service delivery and impact change.

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