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NCARF has been busy working to keep our members informed and making sure their voices are heard at the local, state and federal levels. Highlights from this year include NCARF being asked to be a part of several key state stakeholder groups including:

  • Innovations Waiver Amendment re-write stakeholder group
  • Stakeholder group as North Carolina created its transition plan to address the new federal guidelines related to the Home and Community Based Standards.
  • NCARF leadership continues to meet with the Division of MH/DD/SA to discuss the Employment Service Definitions and the impact of the Department of Justice’s settlement as it relates to employment.
  • Representatives from NCARF serve on the DVR-CRP Steering Committee and were instrumental in working with DVR to get vocational evaluation payments for performance based programs without affecting the major benefit rate.
  • Additionally we have Julia Adams advocating and lobbying for the issues that are most important to our membership. Julia was named one of the “Most Influential Lobbyists of 2013” by the North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research (NCCPPR). She continues to keep up us up to date in all things going on at the state level and ensures our Representatives know NCARF’s issues and concerns.

NCARF is a professional organization dedicated to assisting its member organizations in the provision of services to individuals with disabilities. NCARF is composed of members representing North Carolina's community rehabilitation programs, Innovations Waiver providers, Supported Employment Vendors, and Residential Programs/Providers. Functioning as the unified voice of disability-related programs, NCARF is dedicated to ensuring that citizens of North Carolina are aware of the services provided by its members.

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